Hello All

Lita is now typing for me as I am on my vent most of the time and cannot talk to my computer.

The remodeled spare bathroom is finished, complete with a roll in shower 🙂 Our master bath shower was quickly becoming a hazard due to the 4″ sill I had to stopover to get in.

Now I sit in the shower chair and Lita just rolls me in and washes me just like a car. I love it, haha.

We get out of the house every day to do errands and visit our properties that we manage. We wish it wasn’t quite so hot so I could get outside a bit. My new power chair hauls butt! The car has a lift for the chair so I can really get around. Driving is no longer an option for me.

Scott came back for his monthly visit and completed another long list of chores, for which we are very grateful and we are looking forward to his August visit.

Our friend Mary Ann bought me a lift chair/recliner that is very awesome and we now have an adjustable bed, compliments of Mary Ann to help assist Lita in getting me to a sitting position in the morning. Mary Ann has been a huge help as she has walked this ALS walk with her husband and understands firsthand the challenges we face on a daily basis.

Now that I have a personal secretary, haha I hope to blog more. Until next time.

Awesome Sunday

Sunday was a great day. I got to spend it at a barbecue at my sisters house with lots of family there. My wife my son my brother my sister and uncles nieces nephews cousin second cousins third cousins and friends. it was awesome. I had not seen my one cousin in probably 30 years. And had never met my second cousins or third cousins. Family rocks. The downside is I spent seven and a half hours in my wheelchair. Yesterday I paid the price. I felt as though someone had beat me with a 2 x 4. it was still worth it. I want to say thanks to all of you that are following my blog, it means a lot to me. My wife Lita leaves on Thursday for a trip to Ireland that she’s been planning for over a year. I have many qualified babysitters that will be watching over me while she’s away. My best friend, Scott Prophett, will be the head sitter. Other friends are planning on coming in from out-of-town. We’re planning on a Lowcountry boil for one evening when the majority of them are here. Oh yeah then there’s the Hooters girls (wink wink ).

I’ve made a few observations about this disease so far. About the costs. Both physically and financially. But I’m going to save those for tomorrow’s blog . Be sure to pass along the blog information to anyone you feel would be interested. Thanks again and have a great day.