What’s Up ?

Well, I’m clean shaven once more. It was somewhat difficult to shave close to the trach, so I grew a goatee. All was good except I have been taking food by mouth more often now. Mostly pureed soup and jello. Because Lita has to sit off to my left side, facing me, it’s difficult for her to get the spoon all the way in my mouth. So  my mustache became quite the flavor saver. So after realizing the profound revelation of universal truth that babies are born without beards for good reason, out came the clippers.

We had our monthly visit from Scott Propett, Michael “House”Tain, and Glen Wilson. Glen is returning this weekend.

I received a message from a good friend from the world of arboriculture. He asked what he could do to help fight ALS. How awesome is that? Thanks Jesse. I told him to find a local PALS and see what they or their caretakers might need on a personal level.i know Lita and I have been extremely blessed by the generous help of others.
I got word that fellow PALS, Steve Gleason, went into surgery to get his trach the night before last. He’s doing great. I want to wish him a quick recovery. It’s just another bump in the road, Brother.

Well, the plans continue for our Epic Adventure to Milwaukee.

Stay Awesome

I Am

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