Random Thoughts

So… I was thinkin’. Contemplating really. When our creator was in design mode, there must have been a good reason that she arranged our mouth, eyes, and ears the way they are. And sized them appropriate for their intended use. Now.. I know that most folks would consider the mouth the most important of the bunch. I mean it’s used to eat, breathe, and speak. Uh…. not so fast. I happen to eat mostly through a piece of aquarium tubing that passes through my belly and into my stomach. I breathe through a plastic housing that is inserted into a hole about the size of a nickel, in my neck. My air is delivered from my respirator via a 3/4 inch clear corrugated hose into my trach housing which has a replaceable inner cannula. The air passes through the orifice which is about the size of three coffee stirrers and into my lungs. Now, as far as speaking goes, I admit I still use my mouth for that. I’ll admit I’m special. Ok, back to the point. I think that there is good reason that our design includes two eyes, two ears, and only one mouth. As a matter of fact, I’m certain it’s true because my Dad told me on more than one occasion to shut my mouth and open my eyes and ears and I might learn something. And he was right. Now consider positioning. The eyes and ears are closer to the brain. And are connected more directly to it. Their jobs are to collect info and send it on to the brain. What’s the mouth connected to? Well, the brain, but I’m talking about it’s major connection. The airway and esophagus, then the stomach, then intestines, and finally…. well…. there you have it. Kind of explains a lot about the problems that the mouth can cause us now doesn’t it.

Just Sayin’

Bee Awesome

And keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground

I am

Thanks Dad


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