Busy, busy, busy

Okay….. lazy, lazy, lazy! But honestly, I have had a lot going on. Birthday, visitors, preparation for my trip to Wisconsin later this summer. And of course the day to day rigors of being an ALS patient. My great friends Glen Wilson and Scott Prophett came into town to help out with things. Glenn is an Arborist/Paramedic from Baton Rouge and will be visiting once per month to help out with my care and maintenance to give Lita a break. He will be thrust into the rotation with Scott and Michael ” House ” Tain, . I couldn’t ask for better caregivers. Lita, her Dad, Scott, Glenn, and I ventured out for dinner last Friday night, to the Phillipi Creek Oyster Bar. Needless to say it was pretty busy. They graciously found us a table right away though. A table for eight to be precise. I take up a lot of space in my wheelchair. Well, we made it to the table without incident. Just the normal ration of stares. You would think that in this day and age, that nearly everyone would have seen a skinny white guy in a metal flake blue wheelchair with a vaccum cleaner hose sticking out of the front of his neck. Anyways, all was well and a great time was being had by all, until a couple was seated a few tables over. After a brief moment, the gentleman noticed me and proceeded to wad up his face. I think I made him uncomfortable. He leaned forward and whispered to his female companion, prompting her to turn and give me the 30 second stink eye stare. They continued to whisper and stare for the next few moments. And then I decided it was time for me to defend myself. So I did what any self respecting ALS / quadrapalegic patient would do. I waited for them both to look my way and….. I stuck my tongue out at them, smiled, and winked! They stopped staring 😉 

I have had folks look and look away, small children ask their mothers ” What’s wrong with that man “? and even had folks turn and walk the other way. Whatever. I would love for the mothers to bring their kids over to me and let me explain my condition. Probably not gonna happen. I did have an older gentleman come up to our table at lunch one day and politely inquire as to the cause of my condition. After a brief conversation he thanked us for getting out in the world. Then he paid for our lunch. And every time we saw him after that day, he would always say hello and ask how we were doing…..and buy our lunch. There are Angels among us. Not because he bought lunch either. Because he cared enough to inquire. Any chance I get to educate folks about my illness i’m happy to take it. Hell, a year ago I knew nothing about it. Oh, by the way. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my diagnosis. I’m still here. Beeing Awesome!

I’m going to try to attach a video compilation of my morning ritual. Hope it depicts our challenges as well as the Awesomeness with which we meet them.
I’ll keep smilin’ and you keep smilin’ back

Much Love

Go to youtube.com
Abeesmith walk a mile in my shoes

6 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. All I know is when I was a kid if I would have stared a “least of these” my Grandma would have beat my ass. thank you Grandma!

  2. And I would of gotten whomped on the head and the good ol ” Megan stop staring” or my dad would of taken me by the shoulders and brought me over and had me ask why they were the way they were. This is why I no longer stare and wonder, I ask questions and try to help… Thank you for that Dad!!

  3. Oh and dad if I was there I would of marched over to the table and let them know just how rude it is to stare:) I thank you for that part of me too!!

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