Feelin extra Lucky

Yes I am. There are many reasons for that. The one I am contemplating at the moment is that I still retain the ability to express myself through speech. That’s not the case with the large percentage of PALS. Imagine, if you will, losing your ability to have a simple conversation with someone. Or to say ” Hello ” to a friend. Or ” I Love You “. What if you couldn’t convey an immediate need in the instance of an emergency ? If your imagination isn’t up for it, grab a roll of duct tape. Place a strip across your mouth. See how long it takes before you can’t take it anymore. Or before the folks in the world around you discontinue interaction with you. Like I said, I am very lucky that I can still speak. Even though I sound strikingly similar to Stephen Hawking. 😉 Not that that is a bad thing. If I lose the ability to speak, there is some amazing technology available that can be added to my Tobii Eyegaze that will speak the words that I type. It will make for a slow conversation, but think of the excitement of anticipation.

Lita and I intend to create a foundation that will provide technology to PALS that will allow them to remain relevant through communication. I know how important it is to me to not only reach out to my world through my computer, but to also hear back from others. When the time comes, I’ll be asking for donations. If you or someone you know has questions about the why’s or what for’s, I’ll be happy to provide the answers. Don’t be surprised if they come in the form of a silver sticky strip.

Keep Communicatin’

Talkin’ is Awesome!

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