The One Thing

I’m not quite sure what to say or even where to start. Yesterday was an epic day for me! For all those envolved, thank you will never be enough. Lita proved once again, that she is the ultimate “Commander in Chief” of my army. She is the love of my life. Team Cornflower raised over $10,000 for The Walk For A Cure and the Sarasota ALS Foundation. Donations are still coming in. The after party was a huge success also. Awesome time with family and friends, old and new. I got a special surprise audio happy birthday wish from none other than Steve Gleason. Thanks To my daughter Megan, for reaching out to him. If he only knew the impact that he had on me back last summer. I hope to pay it forward. As the next days and weeks pass, I hope that those of you that were able to share the day with Lita and I, will consider what “the One Thing” was for you on the day. if you wouldn’t mind sharing it with us, that would bee awesome.

I’ll kick it off. My ” One Thing ” is this…… The Love of family and friends will always overcome even the most devastating illness on earth. Our team was 60 members strong. There were approximately 600 participants at the walk. The majority of them were walking ” In Memory Of “, not ” In Honor Of “. My hope is that one of the dollars raised is ” the dollar “. Not just for me. But for all the PALS, their families and friends. Past, present, and future. And then , one day, never again. Imagine that.

 ALS can take a lot away from me, but it will never, ever take the love we share 

Much Love

Keep On Beeing Awesome!
I Will

3 thoughts on “The One Thing

  1. I love you Dad! Although I had many things that affected me on Saturday, seeing everyone whose life you’ve touched and who came to support you was unbelievable and makes me so proud to call you my dad. I can’t tell you enough how much it meant to me and how amazing it was that our family was all together. I love you dad and I’m so proud of you and your strength and courage is truly something incredible! Xxooxxoo

  2. Dear Bruce,
    We so much enjoyed meeting you and having the opportunity to support you and others in the walk. The one thing that we took away from the day was your positive attitude. Your words in you comment only emphasize it more. We have been truly blessed by you and your family and friends. God bless you and keep on bee-ing the awesome person that you are.
    With love,
    Janet and Richard Goddard

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