Good or Good

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. First, my father in law stopped by. The night before he had guest bartended at The Oaks Club. All of his tips were donations to Team Cornflower for the ALS Walk ! He raised $506. How awesome is that? Secondly, Last night I decided it was time to grow a pair. Lita had gotten a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup from Panera Bread. As usual, she didn’t finish. As she passed by on her way to the kitchen trash can, I stuck my tongue out. She smiled and asked if I wanted  to give the soup a try. I said “Yep”. So she sat on the arm of my chair and touched the back of the spoon to my tongue. Wow, that tasted good! I asked for more. So she dipped a half of a spoonful and in my mouth it went. After a few seconds of savoring the flavor, I swallowed, and down it went. Again! And again! I had three spoonfulls of delicious broccoli and cheese soup! Now, I know that you might be a little confused about my excitement. Let me explain. I haven’t taken food by mouth since last November. I had my trach installed in early December along with my PEG feeding tube. There’s a high likelihood that I could choke and/or aspirate. So it’s been a liquid diet for 4 months. And remember, what doesn’t pass over my tongue, I don’t taste. So for me, those three spoonfulls were…. epic! I was taught to celebrate all successes. So I might celebrate tonight with a little bit of meatsauce. I promise you this, now that I have gained a footstep back on ALS, it won’t be easy for it to take it back. Slow and steady, and before you know it…. I’ll be ordering a whole bowl of broccoli and cheese soup! And maybe a corned beef on rye;)

Good or good?

Have an awesome day!

I am

2 thoughts on “Good or Good

  1. Whoooooooooo Hooooooooooooo Dad!!!!!! Soooo sooooo very proud of you for taking that step! Love you to the moon and back!

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