Music and the Instrument

In a previous blog post you may remember me sharing the statement,” The music is the same, it’s the instrument that has changed.” Or something to that effect. In music, it’s not enough to know what notes to play. You have to get the pitch and volume right, and play that note at precisely the right moment. You must balance these things with the other musicians that are playing the other parts of the song. In order for the music to make sense, you must understand how each note fits into the melody and the harmony.  As we are about to launch our website, I have been giving quite a bit of thought to our mission, and what will be the best way to accomplish our goals. It is important to me to tell the story of my journey through this disease as completely and as honestly as I can. In doing so ,I fear that I may upset someone along the way. Be assured that this would never be my intention. I hope the melody is one that gets you on the dance floor. I promise you this, We will be keeping it reALS!

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