The question has been put forth recently,” How is it that you can be so positive?” All things considered, I’m not quite sure that anything is all that different than it was prior to my diagnosis. Well, as far as my overall attitude goes anyway. I mean, life is good. It really is! It’s not the same, but Who am I to complain? Being negative isn’t going to help anything or anyone. I know this from past experience. there was a time when I dwelled on the negatives in my life. That attitude always led to undesirable outcomes. At some point ,I gathered enough maturity and intelligence, to realize that if I wanted a different outcome, then my input needed to change. At first, it was not an easy thing to accomplish. My mom used to tell me that nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Boy was that the absolute truth. I have discovered, at least from my own experience, therefore my perspective, that positivity and negativity are not polar opposites. They exist alongside of each other, equally powerful, until we give one the energy needed to overcome the other. Think of floating in the surf, just offshore. As a wave reaches you, there is the positive force pushing you towards the shore. Simultaneously there is a negative undercurrent dragging you out to sea. Both positive and negative are there, existing in the same place. Until you kick your legs or stroke the water with your hands to propel yourself in one direction or the other. We have the ability to choose. So I choose to be positive. It’s actually pretty easy to find a positive every day in every situation. All I have to do is look at my wife, my kids, and my family and friends. As for my condition, there are definite positives that come from it. Old friends have returned to my life and I am making new ones daily. I have a new focus that I hope will have a positive impact on others. Impacting others in a positive way has been my passion for many years now. The instrument has changed, but the music is the same. I hope to keep in tune.

Bee Positive
Bee Awesome
Awesome ain’t easy….but it ain’t impossible either!

Have a positively great day!

I am

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