Great Day

Had a visit with my daughter, Megan, and my Big Brother Bill today. I think we’re about half way through to solving the worlds problems. Once again I find myself amazed at the giving nature of the folks around me as more donations came in for the ALS Walk for a Cure today. Even from some that had donated before! Megan approached the owner of Sunni Bunni last week about placing a donation jar on her counter. The owner obliged and asked for more info about ALS. After Megan explained to her how the desease  had affected her and her family, the owner asked if she could donate coupons for smoothies to the walk participants on the day of the walk. Hows that for increasing awareness? We have since turned the walk organizer on to Sunni Bunni. I’ll just say that the next time I get the hankerin’ for a healthy, organic smoothie, I can guarantee you where I’m gonna get it from! And I think you should too. Sunni Bunni ! By the way, Megan put donation jars at several places. I know that Demetrios on US41 ( Lita and my favorite lunch spot) has one. And Elaine’s on Cattleman Rd south of Bee Ridge,( also our favorite ). Anyways, if you happen to find yourself in one or the other, please say a big “Thank You “.

Have a great night!

I am

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