Technology and human interaction

I know I have been preaching the virtues of modern technology and how awesome it is for me in my current condition. What I don’t want to diminish the value of human interaction. I have always been the type of person that spent a lot of time listening to the conversations taking place around me. My Dad always said that you could learn more with your eyes and ears than with your mouth. I feel that my condition has made me more aware of the world around me. Perhaps it’s the reality that due to my immobility, my world has become, let’s say, more compact. Although, for the most part, I can’t easily actively participate in a conversation, I am still very much engaged. This of course will change as I become more proficient with my Passy-Muir speaking valve. The other aspect of human interaction that has become more meaningful is touch. I’ve already said that I miss hugs in a previous post. I not only miss getting them, but giving them too. Hugs are powerful things. Even small hugs. I get excercised a few times a day to keep my joints limber, and to help with blood flow. I can’t say I’m an active participant, but that makes it no less enjoyable. Wether the task is performed by Big Mike(aka Tank), or one of my kids, or one of my friends, or a physical therapist, or a massage therapist, or…..remember, it takes an army. Of course, my favorite touch comes from my wife, Lita.

The technology that has been made available to me has definitely made, and will continue to make, human interaction easier. Being able to communicate, either verbally or through my computer, is a integral part of living with my desease. But the technology is certainly no more important than human interaction. I look forward each day, to e-mail responses, as well responses to my Tweets and Blog posts. Very soon I will launch our website and I look forward to the reaction and action it generates.

Thanks for reading, and for interacting. And if our paths should cross, feel free to offer your hand. And know that I am trying my damnedest to reach out with my arms and give you a big ol’ hug!

Have an Awesome day!

I am.

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