The Voice

Lita installed my Passy-Muir valve and……I CAN TALK!!!!

I actually had a phone conversation with my best friend Scott.

First one in seven months.

How awesome is that!

I’ll be back to public speaking before you know it.

This thing rocks! And it’s just a simple piece of plastic.

Well, a simple piece of plastic with some engineering and a whole lot of love behind it.

Technology is making my life more relevant each and every day! Add that to the love of family and friends and I’m a very lucky man.

Livin’ Large one moment at a time! 

5 thoughts on “The Voice

  1. I love you dad! I’m so proud of you and your amazing positive outlook! You are teaching me more than you will ever know by your enormous amount of strength and courage. You are the most amazing man and I’m so proud to call you my dad! Xoxo

  2. Great News, Bruce! Glad to hear your Angels, both Heavenly and Earthly, continue to Keep and Comfort you. God Bless, Uncle Jon & Aunt Roseanna

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