Hugs and Happenings

Yesterday I received three virtual hugs. Today, my big brother payed us a visit and I got a real one! Thanks Bubba!

I got word that my big sister and neice will be joing our team at the ALS walk. Awesome!

Well, tomorrow ,my respiratory therapist, Super Mike, is coming to help us set up my new Passey-Muir speaking valve. I’m pretty excited. Although I can speak by letting the trach cuff down already, this new valve will give me a more natural sound with intonation. There are added benefits dealing with secretion management and the outside possibility of eating. Fingers are crossed! Just kidding. I can’t cross my fingers. Anyway, I hope it all goes as planned so I can make the next season of The Voice.;)

if you get the chance, check out the Passey-Muir website. The inventor’s story is inspiring to say the least.

We will be launching our website soon !

I’ll keep you posted

Have an Awesome day!

I am 

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