Happy New Year!

We welcome in 2014 with open arms and anticipation of a great year. We are looking forward to our new life as we say good bye to our old life. We will focus not on all that we have lost, but all that we have.

With that said, nothing is insurmountable, too big or too hard. It just takes creativity and patience and the answers will be revealed to us.

Take nothing for granted and treat each day as a gift.

Love to all!
Heres to continuing to enjoy all of the sunrises we are given.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. That is the most inspiring message for the “New Year”…hope all your days are filled with sunshine & the love of God! Ken & Gloria

  2. Bruce and Lita, I apologize if I missed my reply, but I can’t see it on your blog so I am going to reply again. I just wanted to thank you both for your friendship through the years and how you both continue to share your strength and courage and positive outlook with us all. God bless you both. All love for you Bruce! Hope to see you again soon buddy!!!

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