One thought on “Bruce December 2013

  1. Good to see you Bruce….you and Lita have been in my prayers for a while but I did not know the reason…good to see you so positive and hanging in; from what I have been reading in your blog you seem to have a great support system…that is awesome! Make sure Lita gets some down time relaxation time it can get rough after a while…I know because I have been Jack’s caregiver for a number of years now…and now that I am ill it makes it a little more difficult…we are both in scooters – looks like you have a pretty fancy one good for you and I just love that you had a friend, an IT guy, hook you up! Awesome, awesome…wish I was in a position to help but I can just be part of your on line network…hope all is well…hang in there! Hugs to both you and Lita!

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