Mid November Update

Hello All:

Bruce will be having Tracheostomy surgery on December 12 and then will receive a PEG feeding port.
He will need 2 to 4 weeks to heal and should then be able to talk and swallow normally. His current Ventilator can be adjusted to work with the Trache.

We are getting out of the house quite a bit now and walking to places nearby so we are not at home as much as before.
A good rule of thumb is this: If the garage door is up, we are home. If it is down we are not home. We suggest calling before you come and will do our best to make sure that we have the phone with us and can hear it. If there is an emergency with Bruce I will let you know, so don’t worry. 🙂

Our old friend John Norwood came to see us, it was wonderful to visit with him.
Judi brought dinner. thanks!
Glenn Peroni, our good friend (he is a paramedic/firefighter) from Leesburg is coming on the 15th to visit.

Our Cabana Boy is busier than a one armed paper hanger and has not been able to get down to see us. Nurse Tain will be here the second week of December.

Our personal IT expert and friend (David Christian) came over to help calibrate new eye gaze computer system, but we have discovered that the ventilator interface (mask) is throwing it off. That will change soon enough.

Bruce has discontinued taking the Rilutek as we discovered that it was that drug that was making him so sick, and we were not sure at this point that it had any positive significant benefit. Dr. Rob has also offered a lot of insight from the Gastrenterology world, thank you so much.

Love to all and thank you for your help, thoughts and prayers.

Continuing and looking forward to enjoying a lot more sunrises…….

4 thoughts on “Mid November Update

  1. Good morning,

    You don’t know me, but I fondly remember your 2 wonderful kids! You see, I taught both Taylor and Megan at Prew Academy many years ago. I lost contact with Megan, but keep up to date with Taylor on Facebook. It was there that I first heard of your situation and signed up for your email updates. Bruce, I would like to know that I think of, and pray for you and your family often. Your email updates are SO inspiring and remind me not to take anything for granted.

    I want to thank you for words of wisdom, your example of perseverance, and your wonderful spirit. I look forward to many more emails! May you be blessed with years of beautiful sunrises 🙂

    Love, Susan

    Sent from my iPad

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