A very busy last month

Hello All

Sorry it has been so long since we blogged.

Since we last checked in, our Cabana Boy has been back to visit twice, doing amazing things and getting a bunch of stuff done. Couldn’t do it without you Scott (aka: Jasper)

Brother Bill and his team have completed the Gables on the house and Bill is almost done priming them for paint. A huge thanks to them. 

Judi and Jayne continue to drop off  wholesome meals once a week and worked very hard in the front yard, it looks most awesome, thanks!

Meg and Ryan surprised us with a 3 day visit over Labor Day, always great to have them here.

Jeff Dice flew in from Pennsylvania to spend a few hours with us. It was nice to see him.

Warren Williams flew in from Atlanta for an afternoon, great to see him. It had been awhile.

Glen Wilson and Ted Harbourt flew in from Baton Rouge to spend an afternoon, very nice to see them.

Michael “House” Tain was here for the weekend, great to see him. He is an ER RN with lots of caregiver experience from caring for his Dad. House you are always welcome to come hang out here anytime. He will be coming back at least one week a month to provide foot massages lol.

Taylor has been making good use of some of his Dad’s woodworking materials, building an awesome wine barrel stave basket weave headboard and platform bed. He also made a really cool spalted Sycamore natural edge desk for his new apartment. He has also managed to score a brand new car (and much more reliable) thanks to Grandpa. His spa treatment foot, leg and arm massages are most awesome.

Steph has been a big help to Lita with errand running, etc. She also gives awesome foot rubs and massages. 

Lita’s Mom has been bringing Sunday dinners and enticing me with awesome desserts. 

Mary Ann continues to be a huge supporter.

Most important of all we have a wonderful young man named Michael “Tank” Bernard (yes, he is a very large strong dude) that comes everyday to get Bruce out of bed and assist Lita with Bruce type things, mainly picking me up and moving me around as I can no longer move my legs or arms nor sit upright for any length of time due to core muscle loss. My neck is very weak at times. My Vital Capacity is 15% sitting and 0% supine. I cannot roll over in bed so Lita is up all night moving me every 60 minutes or so, (sometimes more). The vent is taking care of all respiration tasks at this point. Michael also puts me back in bed at night. He is a joy to have around and we are very appreciative to have him. Our original caregiver person did not work out. Lita continues to be my angel, rock and chief 99.9% caregiver. 

I am homebound as of now and have not been able to get out in the car for about 4 weeks now. It is very difficult to go anywhere. ALS is just crappy and it certainly isn’t for sissy’s I tell ya.

Anyway, I am sure we have left out a bunch of stuff and some thank you’s but certainly not intentional. Thanks to all for your love, good thoughts, prayers, and time. We appreciate it more than we can ever express. Anyone from out of town that would like to visit, please call Lita to see if it is a possibility and coordinate. It is extremely difficult for me to hold a conversation due to the vent so they are mostly one sided, I just listen.

Continuing to enjoy every sunrise……

Love to all.